Ways of preventing impulse buying and save your money

You have probably been victim of impulse buying or buying something or things you didn’t plan for. We always want not to do this but it just happens. Well it is something you can control by using the following ways to stop impulse buying or buying things you don’t need.

Do an inventory check. It is vital for you to do an inventory check before going out to buy anything. Check which clothes, household items, tools, foodstuff and any other accessories you have before going to buy anything. This will enable you not to buy anything that you had not planned for. List everything down you have and the ones you don’t have and then head out to buy what you need. This will help you save a few of your coins.

Buy good quality—and use it. When you buy anything be it a kitchen utensil, cups, plates, be it clothes or shoes or even a car, make sure you buy one of good quality. Don’t go for cheap stuff as in the long run it will be expensive after you buy it many times because it broke down or underwent wear and tear. Anything you buy of high quality is long lasting and durable hence it will be a long time before you get to buy another hence making you avoiding buying something you don’t need and eventually saving your money.

Count your blessings. Always be content with what you have and bought or anything you have as this will give you a sense of abundance and will help you avoid impulse buying. When you feel you have an abundance of something you won’t be susceptible to impulse buying.

Turn off the temptation. Try as much as possible to avoid people or things you know are tempting to you as this will help avoid impulse buying. Constant encounter with something you desire but don’t want to buy it will wear down your will to resist it and in the end you will find yourself buying it. The antidote for this is avoiding encountering the commodity you so much desire as this will make you not be susceptible to impulse buying thereby making you save a bit of your money.

Play the waiting game. This is one excellent way to prevent impulse buying. When you feel so much the desire to buy something wait first for a couple of minutes clear your mind, look at the pros and cons of buying the commodity and then decide your next move. You will find this as an excellent way of reducing the occurrences of you buying something you don’t need.

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5 Money-Saving Shopping Tips

There are shopping tips you always need to have them on your fingertips before heading out for shopping. These shopping tips will help you save a few coins out of your budget. These tips are;

Tip 1: Make the Store Your Last Choice
Before heading out to buy the commodity you lack in your house ask yourself a few questions like can I get the commodity I lack in my office or house for free? Or can I borrow the item I lack? You will find that the item you want to buy satisfies a purpose that is temporary and will not recur after a very long time. Like if you need a drill once a year, there is no need buying one when you can borrow one.

Tip 2: Negotiate When Possible
What a seller tells you is the fixed price of a commodity is usually no the final price of the commodity. Usually the seller adds some outrageous value to the commodity so that he or she can fool the buyer and get a huge profit. Negotiate with the seller until you agree on the price that you both think is fair to both of you. You can also do a barter trade whereby you trade a commodity with another commodity that the other partner has but that which you lack and need.

Tip 3: Time Your Purchase
if your urgency of something or commodity isn’t so high, you can wait until the price of the commodity decreases in price and then you can head out and go and buy it. Alternatively, you can time when the commodity has just been released into the market when its price is still low and buy it before its price shoots up. This will help you save a lot of money.

Tip 4: Substitute
Most commodities have substitutes hence you can acquire a substitute if it still serves the purpose you wanted the other commodity to serve. Most of the times substitutes are cheaper and you may find the substitute is a better commodity to the original intended commodity.

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How to Choose the Perfect Anniversary Gift

An anniversary gift can be the best gift of celebrating your years of dating or marriage or it can be the worst gift to present to your soulmate as an anniversary gift, hence the right anniversary gift is critical in making sure that day it truly awesome, worth celebrating and worth being remembered. Navigating the seemingly endless selection and excellent choice of fancy jewelry out there is quite a daunting and challenging task. With so many choices and selections, how do you make sure you get it spot on?

One of the most imprtant thing is to see what is appropriate for each anniversary. This full list of all anniversary gifts by year is a good starting point. Another important and vital thing that gets lost and forgotten in the hunt and search for the exquisite anniversary gift is her awesome and unique personal style. Picking the right and exceptional jewelry that matches her style will show to her that you truly love her personal style and find her unique. If your soulmate has the following personal style, then you can consider acquiring her the following anniversary gift.

The Glamour Lady

If your partner, girlfriend or wife loves dazzle and sparkle, lives her beautiful life in heels and in awesome shoes, and is always dressed to impress then she is most likely a glamour lady at heart. If you’re celebrating the 1st wedding anniversary, try adding some fancy jewelry or bling to her engagement and wedding rings with any glamorous stacking ring to add more sparkle and dazzle on your soulmate.

The Standout Lady

If your beautiful lady is the one who loves to be unique from the rest, a trendsetter, chooses her own independent style then buy take out and let her buy something she thinks fits her independent unique style. You can buy her an anniversary gift such as Woven Branches Band by Sofia Kaman. The 3 interlaced branches of the exquisite and exceptional ring represent unity and harmony, the exquisite symbol of your enduring and lasting relationship or marriage. If you’re celebrating a dating anniversary, show her that she is only special woman in your life with any single floating diamond.

The Classic lady

Does your partner, spouse or girlfriend opt for the timeless wardrobe stables like slim cut denim, buttons down and cashmere sweaters? If so, she has an exquisite and unique classic sense of style and prefers trendy jewelry in favor of elegant simple pieces. Give your wife, spouse or girlfriend something that she will wear and look confident everyday alongside her engagement or wedding or both rings, like the Infinity Stacking Band. If you prefer a simple and sweet gift you could try the Mini Diamond Disc Necklace that has been exquisitely made by Dana Rebecca.

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